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额定电压Rated Voltage DC 6.0V DC 12.0V DC 24.0V
额定电流Rated Current < 1200mA < 800mA < 500mA
气流量Air Flow > 8.0LPM > 8.0LPM > 8.0LPM
气密性Leakage <3mmHg/min <3mmHg/min <3mmHg/min
最大压力Maximum Pressure > 50Kpa > 50Kpa > 50Kpa
噪音Noise < 65dB < 65dB < 65dB
管径Pipe Φ 6.0mm Φ 6.0mm Φ 6.0mm
尺寸Dimension 40*40*88mm
应用Application 广泛应用于医疗器械、按摩器材等领域


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